Wedding Moment

Elegant Parisian Wedding


Chateau ceremony

Château weddings are a traditional choice for many French couples, and they’re gaining popularity here in the States. Château is a French word meaning castle or manor house, but it also refers to any stately home that was once used as a residence by nobility. Châteaus can be found all over France and Europe; some date back centuries and still contain original furnishings from their inhabitants’ time there. These days, many chateaus are used as venues for other events—such as corporate events or weddings—and have been converted into hotels and restaurants.

Entire line at Eiffel Tower

Your wedding line could have been an easy-to-plan, yet still beautiful and elegant affair. But that would not have met your exacting standards! Instead, you decided to make it complicated—and fun!

You decided to have your whole wedding party line up in the shape of a giant arrow pointing at the Eiffel Tower. You then tasked your friends with holding up the line so it looked as if there was one long mass of people instead of two separate groups of people standing side by side. The guests had no idea what was going on until they were inside and saw how everyone else had gotten there (or when they got home from vacation). This was one way you made sure everyone knew who was married—you wanted anyone who came across this photo for years to come asking about what kind of crazy person planned this wedding photo shoot?

Reception with Glam Chandeliers and Candle Lighting

The reception is your opportunity to create a glamorous setting. It’s also a place where you can let loose and have fun with your guests, so don’t fret if it feels like it’s been months since you’ve had any time alone with your fiancé. Before the big day, it may help to have some simple guidelines in place:

  • What kind of music do they like?
  • Do they prefer classic or modern decor?
  • Are there specific colors that should be used throughout the wedding?

Once these decisions are made, it will be easier for someone else (like a planner) to deliver an elegant experience for both of you on the big day.

Party in Versailles

The first thing you’ll notice is the chandeliers and candle lighting that give off a romantic vibe. You can’t help but feel like you’re in a dream as you look around at all of the stunning decor, especially knowing that this was all done by hand by craftsmen who have been working on Versailles for centuries.

When your eyes finally land on the tables, you’ll see more than just white tablecloths and flowers; there’s also a variety of food from different regions all over France! Even if each dish isn’t your favorite (we can’t guarantee everyone will like everything), it’s sure going to be delicious!

Once dinner is over, it’s time for dancing and champagne! All around us are guests from all over Europe who are having fun celebrating life with us – how lucky are we?

This couple created their dream French wedding.

Wedding Paris

This couple wanted to experience a Parisian wedding, but they also wanted it to be affordable. They found the perfect venue in a stunning country house, which is located just outside of Paris’ city limits. While there are many beautiful sites within the city itself, this couple decided that they wanted to get married somewhere less congested and more private.

It was important for them to have an intimate gathering where guests could spend time together and mingle freely before heading over to celebrate at their reception hall later in the evening. They were able to do so because of their location: even though it was only about 20 minutes from Paris by train or car, most people would not have been able to find this hidden gem without some insider knowledge or good directions!